Long shorts for toddler sewing pattern just added

Long shorts or short longs with elasticised waist. These pants are perfect for playing in and protecting little legs from the sun. The elasticised waist means they grow with bubba and are easy to remove which helps the little ones with toilet training.

Toddler nappy covers/training pants pattern

Bottoms up! Cover up those daggy looking disposable nappies with these dazzling nappy covers. The patterns also makes training pants if you replace the pretty fabric with some terry towelling or cotton fleece.

New patterns from Brazil

Found a great new pattern site at Manequim courtesy of the Selfish Seamstress who has some handy hints about dumping the frump from home sewing. I’d like to add two more: wear it like vintage ie mix it up with your current purchases and avoid looking like a hobo. Secondly, use the appropriate interfacing.

Toddler leggings pattern

Make them cool or make them pretty. Make leggings for your toddler in whatever colour or pattern takes your fancy with this super-cheap’n’easy pattern.

Hoodie - set-in sleeves

New hoodie pattern available: Jem
Has a set-in sleeve and a bust dart, making it good for girls with bustin’ busts.

Daria Ruffled tank top

New pattern added