A neat site that allows you to search by brand, by garment type, by gender, location and occasion making it extra useful when trying to get some ideas on what to wear or what to make. There’s even a function for searching by body type. You have to be logged in for that and I haven’t figured out how to do it yet. Check out chictopia.

Great photography, great poses and best of all great style! users show their appreciation for styles they like by voting up, or adding “HYPE” points to their favorite looks. Along with how recently the look was posted, each vote helps to determine which looks are showcased on the HOT pageā€”the more a look is hyped, the higher up it appears.

They shoot horses don't they?

A lot of trends seem to be adopted pretty quickly globally and so I liked these sites because they seemed to really show some differences between cities.

Style Du monde

Street fashion in Cracow


Melbourne Street

Good street fashion site with a mix of street fashion and runway shots. The header is a bit too big so you have to scroll the page every time you look at a new pic but otherwise it’s very tasty. Tourism authorities should sponsor sites like this, stuff like this makes you want to go there. Melbourne Street

The list so far

All these street fashion sites are pretty good for wardrobe inspiration. My latest fave is flickr’s wardrobe remix (check out
for/a/heart/of/gold, emnovo, lebonbonmulticolor e’ & liebemarlene’s work. Be warned this will suck time from you no end.)

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