5002 GRETCHEN slim-fit raglan sleeve hoodie

Compiling pattern

A.Print out pages and sticky tape together. Check scale box is correct. Cut out pieces.

B.Layout and cut fabric.


1. Stitch pockets to front and back pieces.Finish edges.

2. Stitch front pockets as shown on front piece only.

3. Stitch darts. Try to make a gentle curve. Don’t press until you try it on later (pressing sets the stitches and makes them hard to unpick).

4. Stitch shoulder darts and finish edges. Press with seam to back.

5. Stitch hood darts and press to back. To create a hole for a cord, apply some iron-on interfacing and stitch a button hole or apply an eyelet. Turn one hood inside out. Stitch hood pieces together at front.

6. Stitch sleeves to front piece. Finish edges and press.

7. Stitch back to sleeves. Finish edges and press. Try on shell and check bust darts are smooth. Restitch if necessary. Press when happy.

8. Stitch side seams. Finish edges.

10. Stitch pocket bags to bottom edge of front.

11. Turn garment inside out and mark Centre back and Centre fron with pins.

12.Stitch hood to garment and finish edges. You can bind this seam for a nice touch.

13. Stitch rib trim ends.

13. Pin rib trims to ensure stretch is evenly spread and stitch. Finish edges.

14. Flip garment inside and and rock your hoodie!