Instructions ERICA long shorts

Long shorts. Short longs. All great for a day’s play in the sun.

Making pattern

A. Tape pattern pages together.

B. Cut out pieces. Cut out fabric

Sewing instructions

1. Put front right sides together and stitch. Put back right sides together and stitch. Finish (zig zag or overlock) edges and press.

2. Put front and backs together and stitch one side seam. Press out. Finish top edge.

3. Finish ends of shorts

4. Stitch and finish other side seam.

5. Attach elastic. The length of elastic will depend on the stretch of the elastic but generally it should be about 3/4 of the length you wish to cover. Here it is 3/4 of half the waist measurement of the child (ie 50cm/2=25. 3/4×25=approx. 18cm)

6. Fold fabric over elastic to form casing. Secure with pins or stitching.

7. Stitch casing closed. Try the shorts on child.

8. Add decorative stitching as desired. It helps to include one or two vertical stitches to stop the elastic folding or twisting.

9. Stitch and finish inner leg seam.

10. Hem short legs.