Sizing of these sewing patterns

These patterns are not the same sizes as the patterns or clothes you buy in a store. There are also DIFFERENCES BETWEEN STYLES on this site so PLEASE ALWAYS MEASURE YOURSELF AND COMPARE WITH THE SIZING CHART before making up any pattern! It also pays to measure the pattern pieces once they are pasted up at points like the bust, waist, hip, wrist and bicep before cutting materials as well.

Measure twice, cut once!

Fabrics can have different amounts ‘give’ as well so, you need to consider this when choosing your size. Stretch fabrics will obviously be more forgiving.

The nature of bodies and paper patterns is that even with exact (albeit minimum) measurements, bodies can have different proportions so your bust, waist and hips measurements might be similar, but the differences in body shape (curvy, broad shoulders, straight up and down, large busts, pot bellies etc) can cause problems with fit. Try on your garment at intervals whilst sewing and, within reason, you should be able to modify it to fit.

Printing and tiling can also introduce variables that are beyond my control as most home printers are not calibrated and are usually slightly inaccurate.

Some tips to help you get a better result:

  • Get someone else to measure you up. It might be embarassing but it will be more accurate and will save you money. Use this guide
  • Record your bust girth, back width, waist girth, hip girth, upper arm girth, wrist girth, sleeve length at a minimum. Write the measurements down and keep them handy.
  • If you can’t get someone else to do it, take measurements from a garment that you like the fit of.
  • Measure the pattern pieces before you cut your fabric. This should tip you off if things aren’t going to fit.
  • If your fabric is precious or expensive, make sure you make the pattern up in some cheap material first.
  • Don’t waste your time completing a garment to find out it doesn’t fit. Try on the shell as early as possible. This should tip you off early if something is not going to fit.